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ZRP Launches Manhunt For A Woman Who Abused Her Toddler On Camera

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Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has launched a manhunt for the woman who was assaulting her toddler because she was having marital issues with her husband on camera.

The video has since gone viral and has attracted the attention of law enforcement officers who have appealed to members of the public with information that might lead to the arrest of the woman to come forward.

In the unfortunate incident that was recorded by the abusive mother, the mother says she suffered with the daughter who she referred to as Natasha, and stayed with her in hospital after she gave birth to her before 9 months.

She went on to say now that the husband doesn’t want her he is now speaking ill of her. She went on to say she wanted to kill the child and then commit suicide.

The woman who will be crying in the video will be assaulting her toddler as she is saying all this. She assaults Natasha with her palms first then with a belt and the unfortunate toddler is heard crying loudly from the physical pain.

The RP on social media appealed for anyone with information that could identify the woman to come forward and said:

The ZRP is appealing for information which can lead to the location & identification of this woman who is seen in this attached video assaulting her child apparently as a revenge act for a marital dispute with the father of the child.

Source | ZRP