ZRP Cops Nearly Beat Each Other Up Inside Court Room

A Bulawayo police officer and his ex-girlfriend, who is also a cop, almost came to blows at the maintenance court following a heated exchange over the upkeep of their three-year old child.


Ms Nokuthula Madamba was demanding $239 from her ex-boyfriend Mr Wellington Masuna.Ms Madamba told the court that Mr Masuna has never contributed anything towards the upkeep of their child since he was born.

“I have been struggling to fend for the child, pay the maid, buy clothes and pay his medical bills while his father is out there gallivanting,” she said.

The court heard that Mr Masuna is hardly available and turns violent when Ms Madamba asks him to take care of the child.

“I opened a docket of physical abuse at the Western Commonage Police Station when he assaulted me for asking him to take care of his child,” said Ms Madamba. Mr Masuna offered to pay $40 which Ms Madamba said was not enough. “The money he is offering is insufficient,” said Ms Madamba.

The two started exchanging harsh words and almost came to blows prompting the court orderly to intervene.

The magistrate Ms Ulukile Mlea ordered Masuna to pay $75 for the minor child with effect from October 31.


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