ZRP Attempt To Destroy Chamisa’s V11 Evidence

“You will notice that there has also been an attempt to destroy our evidence. Too late guys, too late. Should have done that before the election.

“The evidence is secure and there is nothing that is going to happen. You will notice that this are some warrants which purport to deal with matters of violence and yet when you look at those papers they talk about computers.

What kind of computer would show the commission of acts of violence and aggression? You can see that the intention is to access the data that we have. That data cannot be accessed. That data is going to be seen for the first time in the application.

But those desperate attempts speak to the fact that there is something which these people want to hide. And it is that something which that they want to hide which we are going to fully expose.

“So many people are going to be embarrassed but ultimately, the will of the people of Zimbabwe is going to prevail. The votes cast by the Zimbabweans are going to be vindicated.”



Justice Priscilla Chigumba has been on the news lately, from being mocked by many praised too.here are a few things you might have not known about Chigumba.

I’m not arrogant, it’s the law: Chigumba

Justice Priscilla Chigumba is a judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe and the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). Justice Chigumba succeded Ju….more here



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