Pole dancer Zoey Sifelani is a worried woman as one of her dancers is in a coma two weeks after they were involved in an accident in Harare.

The road traffic accident happened along Willowvale Road and two people died on the spot where Zoey and her crew had stopped to assist people who were involved in another collision.

At the time of the accident, the dancer, who was in the company of her Red Angels outfit, said she was lucky to be alive after she was injured while fleeing from another motorist who had veered off the road and was heading towards her crew.

The driver ploughed into one of Zoey’s dancers, Rachel Mutiya, who was injured on her leg, arm, chest and back and was rushed to Harare Central Hospital.

Zoey said she was worried about her dancer who was in a coma.

“She’s been in a coma for some days now. Yesterday (Wednesday) she barely opened her eyes when we visited her. I’m sick with worry right now and I hope she gets better soon,” said Zoey.

She said what was worrying her was the extent of her injuries.

“Rachel broke her leg in three places, the other one in two. Her arm is broken as well as her back, pelvis and ribs. I knew she was injured but I didn’t imagine to that extent,” said Zoey.

She said she was still pursuing the case with the police.

Turning to her career, Zoey said she was on a wait and see approach when it comes to performances.

“We want to come and perform for people but we shall do so when the need arises. I’ll follow my fans where the money is. If promoters call us for shows and pay, then we shall come,” said Zoey.

She said otherwise she was concentrating on her dance school which teaches women pole dancing and sex skills.