Zodwa Wabantu: My Ben 10 will take my surname


Zodwa Wabantu: My Ben 10 will take my surname.

Zodwa Wabantu has shocked hotep black Twitter by revealing that she and her husband will be taking the same last name (that’s not the shocking bit, wait for it…) and that last name will be HERS! (yes, that’s the shocking bit!)

Zodwa Wabantu ZIMETROSo by now, we all know that Zodwa Wabantu likes to play by her own rules so it should come as no surprise that the popular dancer plans on getting married on her own terms. It began when she decided to propose to her long-time boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda and shortly after that she claimed that she was ready to send her malumes to his family in order to pay for his Lobolo.

And now she’s taking it one step further by insisting that her ben 10 bae will be taking her surname, Libram. During an interview in this week’s Daily Sun, Zodwa was asked if Ntobeko would be taking on her last name and she replied emphatically, “Definitely, yes!”

The interview continued and Zodwa revealed that she and her hubby-to-be had already discussed the issue of last names. As it turns out, her partner of 6 years has no issue with becoming Mr Libram.

“We have talked about it and we agree. But culture has nothing to do with us. We were not there when old people decided to do things their way. We will decide things for ourselves,” A lot of social media users took exception with Zodwa’s choice while others simply found it amusing.

Unphased by the criticism, Zodwa explained that they had no reason to subscribe to “ancient” norms simply because that’s the way things had been done for a long time. What do you think of Zodwa Wabantu’s decision to ask her hubby to take on her last name?



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