Zodwa ‘delusional’,reveals how Ben 10 is head over heels in love with her for genuine reasons

The dance queen Zodwa Wabantu caught herself a Ben 10.

A parody account under Zodwa’s name recently took to the timeline with a special hashtag in search of a new boyfriend for her but she has denied the news stating that she and her young boyfriend are still perfectly happy.

Speaking to Tshisa Live, Zodwa said “sometimes, people that create profiles and pretend to be me do such. It wasn’t me, we haven’t broken up. I am happy with my man, he makes me happy.”

“That man respects me and he loves me. I know people think he’s with me for the money but no, that man makes me happy. I’m in that space where all I care about is being happy, and he does it.

I actually don’t want the Ben 10 tag for him because people associate it with bad things. My man is not with me for that kind of thing, we are just being happy together.”



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