ZNA Gunshots, Raids Continue, Hurungwe Family Flees Into Hiding As ZANU Demands V11 Forms

As ZANU PF raids and those done by soldiers continued unabated, a whole family in Marondera has gone into hiding.

This came as Emmerson Mnangagwa’s party youths filmed themselves literally declaring war saying that they will not allow an election loss to happen while they are alive.

Timothy Mutsindikwa of Tengwe ward 20, Hurungwe East in Mashonanand West has fled his homestead together with his wife and 6 children after threats were made that his homestead would be burnt or destroyed by 2 Zanu Pf activists Dambudzo Shumba and Edison Muruvi. Mutsindikwa and the two Zanu Pf were polling agents at Impala Plains – Tengwi farm Meki.

Mutsindikwa is being threatened because he was an MDC Alliance polling agent during these past elections. Mutsindikwa and his family are all in hiding at different places and their ages ranged from 8 – 20years. Previous threats to the MDC Alliance from Zanu Pf activists has resulted in damage to property, injury and even deaths with the perpetrators not being arrested.

“I have asked Timothy to make a police report tomorrow at Tengwe ZRP, Karoi,” said an MDC official. – ZiMetro will update our viewers and readers as the development unravels.



President elect Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been on almost every paper in Zimbabwe and Africa at large for both the good and the bad deeds. So here is what we know so far!

Mnangagwa is believed to have been largely involved in the infamous Gukurahundi Massacres that took place in the….more here



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