Zizoe PaMyk’s New Girlfriend Finally Speaks Out


Another reason why Mai Tt and Zizoe were said to have broken up was an alleged new woman who was not dating Zizoe in United Kingdom.

The woman who was said to be Dadirai was put into the saga as the one who made Mai Tt a miserable woman and social media was there to make hers miserable too.

She said the allegations were not true and had caused her more damage and wanted Mai Tt to clear her name which she just rubbed off saying she had done that already.

Sis Melly Mamoyo , an administrator of the Zimbabwean biggest group on facebook MvengeMvenge was said to be the one who started saying if it was not her who was Zizoe’s sidekick making many followers to be convinced she was the one.

She called out how Sis Melly’s move had destroyed her life:


Zimbabwean Facebook page offering Stonyeni services sets social media ablaze

According to a source close to the investigations, the suspect randomly picked images of women from popular social media sites and pasted them on the Facebook page in question without their consent. He/she then puts price tags on the woman in question.

“The suspect puts those pictures in three categories and I don’t know what criteria he or she uses in putting those images in categories…more here