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ZIMRA Simplifies Vehicle Import Process

ZIMRA Simplifies Vehicle Import Process

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has simplified the process of clearing second-hand vehicles at the country’s ports of entry, in a bid to curb delays and ensure a smooth flow of traffic at the borders, The Herald reports.

The taxman announced that the requirements to process the Certificate of Customs Clearance (CCC) was stopped with effect from March 16 and all necessary information will be available in a computerised system.

A memo from ZIMRA Beitbridge Transit-Shed managers, Zimra’s acting regional manager (Beitbridge) Mr William Gadzikwa about the new process stated that:

Please be advised that with effect from March 16, 2021, there will be no printing of the CCCs from clearance to registration since all the necessary information will be readily available in the computerised system accessed by both Zimra and the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR). Take note of this latest development regarding documents from your valued clients

The publication speculated that the previous system that involved the CCC which would be issued mainly as confirmation that the importer has gone through all the relevant processes would leave room for corruption at the borders.

Middleman working together with border officials would delay the process of releasing the CCC with the hope of getting paid to expedite the process.

Source | The Herald

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