ZIMRA back in action following system collapse


ZIMRA back in action following system collapse

A month-long computer system outage that caused confusion and chaos, with thousands of passengers queuing for hours and trucks stuck at border crossings, has been resolved.


Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has advised that it was experiencing challenges with the Automated System for Customs Data (Asycuda) world system, resulting in delays in clearance of traffic at the ports of entry.

“Asycuda world system, that had crashed, was restored to working order with the help of the experts from the system supplier. Following the restoration of services, some instability has been experienced in some functionalities and efforts are currently underway to resolve the affected services,” the State tax agency said in a statement.

Zimra said the system challenges affected the processing of tax returns, issuance of Tax Clearance Certificates and processing of Bills of Entry.

It said on the e-services platform, there were high volumes of transactions due to the peak period; and this has resulted in some clients failing to use the system due to congestion.