ZIMBOS REACT TO PHOTO OF ED ‘resting his eyes”


ZIMBOS REACT TO PHOTO OF ED ‘resting his eyes”

The endless traveling and the long hours have finally caught on to Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa who caved in and decided to ‘rest his eyes’ during an AU Summit with fellow heads of state.

ZIMBOS REACT TO PHOTO OF ED ‘resting his eyes”

The head of state was captured in a picture below seemingly stealing a snooze. Mnangagwa has been on a roll both locally and regionally since assuming office with the general public wondering if the man has time to catch a break.

The picture drew so much attention such that it went viral and Zimbabweans on social media had a lot to say about it. Reactions varied from humorous to puzzlement while some were not overly thrilled by ED resting his eyes.

Aspiring politician Advocate Fadzayi Mahere was quick to throw in her unsolicited two cents

“I thought we left this conduct behind in the old dispensation?”

Never Masweraseyi was however rather sympathetic towards the president.

“Dear Zimbabwe: To those getting all worked up & criticizing our president comparing him to sleeping Mugabe – kindly note that President Mnangagwa has been running an extremely busy schedule lately. He has hardly rested since taking office. Hapana asingarare pano!.”

Team Chamisa was quick to make a dig at their president’s rival

“Taking some rest after sleepless nights and nightmares over Midlands rallies. Effects of being haunted and tormented by Nelson Chamisa”

Some couldn’t help but make comparisons with his predecessor Robert Mugabe who was quite famous for snoozing at such gatherings.

ZIMBOS REACT TO PHOTO OF ED ‘resting his eyes”

Upon close inspection some suggested that the president was just caught at a bad angle, he was simply looking at the tablet he was holding

“Zoom into the pic you can clearly see he isn’t sleeping he is looking down at the tablet he is holding”

The most hilarious of them all was one tweep who suggested that the president was simply meditating upon the word

“Ari kutsinzinyira kuti anyatsonzwisisa message”

We’d like you to sound out your thoughts too on the president’s moment!




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