Zimbabweans Warn DJ Maphorisa Against Collaborating With Passion Java

Dj Maphorisa collaborates with Prophet Passion Java On A New Amapiano Song

Zimbabweans Warn DJ Maphorisa Against Collaborating With Passion Java

Zimbabweans are dismayed to learn that South African DJ Maphorisa will be teaming up with flamboyant Prophet Passion Java for a new Amapiano tune.

Passion Java, who has recently shown an interest in becoming a musician, is set to release a new Amapiano song he collaborated on with Dj Maphorisa very soon.

Passion Java, who has previously focused on Zimdancehall, will be making a whole new move. However, according on the comments, it appears that Zimbabweans are not excited about the new Amapiano song, as they chastised Dj Maphorisa for teaming with Passion Java.

Critics on social media cautioned Dj Maphorisa not to work with Passion Java, claiming that it would be the end of his career and Amapiano’s.

Check out some of the responses as Zimbabweans advise DJ Maphorisa not to work with Passion Java.

Xibby Draxler
Here goes the downfall of Dj Maphorisa

Dj Maphorisa stooping low👹

Why maphorisa whyyyyy

Graem Tom
Why is Lord Porry workin with this clown 🤡

the death of amapiano right there

Maphorisa ngaasiyane nehwayi iyo

Maphorisa should not just accept anything, siyana nebenzi iri aaah 😂
Java akutswaka mbiri mnje aona kut Zimdancehall yakupera basa

Meanwhile, Prophet Passion Java’s love for worldly music is quite evident. In 2015, PassionJava launched a music label called Passion Java Records where gospel artists would go and record music for free.

In 2017, however, he started promoting Zimdancehall and Urban Grooves artists which include Enzo Ishall, Soul Jah Love, Buffalo Souljah, Jah Master, Roki and several others, through his record label.

Aside from being a prophet, Passion Java has been contributing to the revival of the music industry by helping local artists to collaborate with international artists.

Recently, Passion Java released a diss song called “Mungamudaro Here”

Java teamed up with equally controversial producer and socialite DJ Towers to drop a diss track targeting Holy Ten and his girlfriend Kimberly Richards.

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