Zimbabweans react to Mnangagwa’s ‘HOT SEAT’ interview

President Mnangagwa was put in the hot seat today during a highly anticipated interview in Davos,Switzerland where he is attending the World Economic Forum.

Zimbabweans react to Mnangagwa’s ‘HOT SEAT’ interview

Mnangagwa’s interview was dubbed as the interview to watch. Having ushered in the new dispensation whilst dealing with the recent fallout which resulted in the end of Mugabe’s 37 year old reign, the interview provided us an insight into the direction Mnangagwa is hoping to steer the country.

The interview dealt with many factors among them the very sensitive Gukurahundi issue which is still a sore subject for most Zimbabweans.

Zimbabweans from across the political divide, intellectuals, laymen all flooded twitter to voice their opinions on the interview.

Esteemed attorney Alex Magaisa was part of the team responsible for writing the constitution took to twitter and hailed Ed for the interview.

Other Zimbabweans also followed suit on Twitter and hailed ED for his composure in handling what seemed to be a high-strung interview.

It was a good one, knew what to say and appeared knowledgeable of what’s happening around him.

He handled himself very well. Very Presidential @edmnangagwa with the right tone, adequate information and the right balance of facts and humor. I must say his humor is very helpful to his overall approach and he needs to keep harnessing that. All in all he interviewed well.

Haaa vamiramira ED. That lady was throwing fireballs. The #Gukurahundi part ED should have looked straight into the camera and said Im sorry. Those two words. Even if he pinned it on someone else i would’ve given him 100%. Overally, he handled himself qyt well.

Although the interview seemed to be leaning heavily on political issues than the expected economic factors which have all Zimbabweans on the edge it did give a deep insight into the politics steering the economy of Zimbabwe.

However the Gukurahundi issue seemed to raise quite a couple of eyebrows. With most Zimbabweans demanding accountability and reconciliation over the atrocities committed during Gukurahundi some felt the president was rather skittish in addressing this sensitive issues.

The reporter was unprofessional about the Gutukahundi part. Also, the reporter did well with the Gurukahundi part… It’s just such a big issue

Yeah,I thought he handled the interview well,as you said,the Gukurahundi question got him a lil’ hot under the scarf,e sip of water calmed him down and he did

“Not everyone will be granted immunity “- ED when asked if Grace Mugabe will be granted immunity 😂😂😂😂😂👏🏽

ED also highlighted that no one will be granted immunity and is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to dealing with corruption. This ties in with the arrests which have been hounding most former minister and holders of public offices.

Given Zimbabwe’s closed-door policy on foreign media the interview has been viewed as a nudge in the right direction and many have viewed it as a bold step by ED in walking his talk that Zimbabwe is well on its way to reformation.



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