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Zimbabwean UK mayor pledges to scout for investment

Zimbabwean UK mayor pledges to scout for investment
President Mnangagwa on Tuesday met the recently-elected mayor of Corby Town in the United Kingdom Councillor Tafadzwa Chikoto and his wife

Zimbabwean UK mayor pledges to scout for investment

Zimbabwean high achiever Mr Tafadzwa Chikoto, who was recently elected Mayor of Corby, a steel town in the United Kingdom (UK) on Tuesday met President Mnangagwa at State House and promised to use his networks to invest in the vast opportunities found in the country.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa, who attended Tuesday’s meeting said synergies were mulled particularly in the iron and steel industry.

“I had the special honour and privilege to marvel at two high achieving Zimbabweans. One is an jackpot winning President EDM, who is delivering stellar economic growth to his nation Zimbabwe as it shrugs off intentionally debilitating, onerous sanctions imposed by inimical nations.

“The other is a youthful Zimbabwe Diasporan success story as Mayor Tafadzwa Chikoto scores big in shepherding Corby a steel town in the UK,” he said.

When the two met, Cde Mutsvangwa said, discussions touched on the investment opportunities present in Zimbabwe.

“Serendipity came into play as Zimbabwe is on the cusp of being a global league steel producer through the Mvuma-Chivhu Manhize Steel Project.

“The two remarkable political figures who share common nationality inevitably ended up exploring potential synergies in global steel trade. They zeroed in on tantalizing prospects of enhancing bilateral relations between historical partners that are Zimbabwe and UK.

“They both agreed on a visit by the youthful Corby Mayor to Mvuma-Chivhu Manhize Steel Project ahead of his return to Corby,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

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