Home LOCAL NEWS Zimbabwean ‘fake prophet’ Jay Israel confesses his occult initiation

Zimbabwean ‘fake prophet’ Jay Israel confesses his occult initiation

Zimbabwean ‘fake prophet’ Jay Israel confesses his occult initiation

The well known Prophet Jay Israel repented and takes us through his journey as a fake prophet.

Jay Israel whose real names are Jacob Dube originally from Zimbabwe but resides in Durban. The 27 years old prophet was known for his ministry or church that was situated in Eastern Cape.

The prophet was known for performing different types of miracles that drew many people to his church to look for help.

But for the past few months, we started seeing Jay Israel distancing himself from certain prophets and closing his church that was based in Eastern Cape.

We have been following his teachings for the past few weeks when we realized he started a movement called “Back to Christ” which shook the Christian community.

In his “Back to Christ” movement,he reveals how all the years he was in an occult that most prophets in South Africa or Africa operate in.

He reveals how he was initiated into all this, and how all the miracles he used to do was all fake or what we say “staged miracles.

He talks about how most of the so-called Man of God go on robbing people in the name of selling what they call “anointed materials” such as oils, water, stickers to rip of people’s money.

“International visitors programs” where people pay to be prayed for by prophets which is also a way of looting people’s money. Tithing, offerings, and seeds payment are also used to exploit people.

He talks of how most healings where people start walking, seeing etc mostly is fake and those people who are prayed for are payed to fake all those miracles.

He reveals how most woman are being raped in the name church and shows how it is something that is most done in all this prophetic churches.

He started his “Back to Christ” movement to warn people of fake prophets who are exploiting people in the name of praying for people.

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