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Zimbabwean Deported From UK Had Murdered & Mutilated Wife

Zimbabwean Deported From UK Had Murdered & Mutilated Wife

Zimbabwean Deported From UK Had Murdered & Mutilated Wife

One of the Zimbabweans who was deported from the United Kingdom (UK) is reported to have been ejected from the country because he murdered his wife.

Shepherd Masvanhise is one of the 14 Zimbabweans who arrived on Thursday following deportation from the United Kingdom. The 14 are part of a larger group of Zimbabwean nationals who have been classified as “foreign offenders” by the UK government. The foreign offenders are people who have been convicted of criminal offences in the UK courts and are now classified as undesirables.

Following his arrival at the Robert Mugabe International Airport, Masvanhise was very garrulous when he was being interviewed by national broadcaster ZBC News’s veteran journalist Reuben Barwe.

The convicted murderer said that it is human nature to make mistakes and accused the British of being hypocritical. He accused the UK government of punishing him when they also have blood on their hands. Said Masvanhise in part,

Vanhu vano kanganisaka. Munhu you make make mistakes. Ivo vakauraya vanhu vangani kuti vatore mapurazi muno umu. Vakayita zvhinhu zvingani? Zvinhu zvinganani zvavakaita?…Vakayita zvinhu zvinorova vanhu ava.

Masvanhise killed his wife Sheila in Leceister, one of the brutal murders committed by Zimbabwean men against their spouses in the city.

Masvanhise has since released a video in which he apologises for murdering his wife. In the video, he said that he was emotional when he killed his wife and called on Zimbabweans not to judge him without understanding the circumstances.

Following the deportation of the Zimbabweans, the United Kingdom’s Home Office said,

Following a historic landmark agreement with Zimbabwe, we have returned 14 criminals who were sentenced to a combined total of over 75 years in prison. Since January 2019 we have returned over 7,985 foreign criminals from the UK, helping to keep our communities safer.

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