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Zimbabwe To Receive US$4.6 Million From United States


Zimbabwe To Receive US$4.6 Million From United States

Zimbabwe is set to receive US$4.6 million from the United States of America for alleviation of the impact of COVID-19 on rural communities.

The grant was announced on Thursday by Jeremy Konyndyk, executive director of the US Agency for International Development, a humanitarian organisation funded by the US government.

Zimbabwe is among 12 African countries set to benefit from the US$91 million availed by the US towards psychosocial support and other basic needs for vulnerable populations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Said Konyndyk:

I’m proud today to share that the US is announcing an additional US$91 million of support for health, food, water, and other humanitarian requirements in 12 African countries with resources from the American Rescue Plan.

We also recognise that for many people around the world, the secondary impacts on their education, their livelihoods, their local economy, are also primary impacts.

And so, through our support announced today and other work that we’re doing through our development portfolio, we are trying to support all of the ways that this pandemic is affecting people’s lives both in the health sphere and outside of it.

The United States has also pledged to distribute five million coronavirus vaccines in African countries through the African Union by this month-end, or early July.

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