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Zimbabwe Teenager Enrolls At Malawi Medical School

Zimbabwe Teenager Enrolls At Malawi Medical School

A 14-year-old Zimbabwean whizkid, Taida Mapara after scoring 15 points in the June ZIMSEC examinations has enrolled at Malawi Medical School, Newsday reports.

Taida who was a student at Hillbright Science College sat for Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry after a nine-month intensive study and passed with flying colours according to the publication.

Speaking to the publication about her academic journey, Taida said:

From Grade 2 to 6, I attended Maranatha Junior School. In 2016, March, I moved to Ghana, where I was home-schooled until August 2016, Home-schooling was not challenging enough for me, so I asked to be enrolled in a regular school set-up, which my parents gladly accepted.

I did exceptionally well in my primary Cambridge checkpoint examinations meaning that instead of moving to Form 1, I skipped to Form 2. In 2019 May/June, I wrote my IGCSE exams and passed with 4 A+, 5As and one B

We relocated to Zimbabwe in August 2019 and I struggled to find a school I could enrol with for A-Level since most schools had already begun the syllabus.

I eventually got a place at Hilbright Science College end of September 2019 just to while up time while waiting for a boarding school to accept me for A-Level.

I was also fortunate to have very supportive teachers who understood my potential and were always willing to put in extra effort to see me achieve

Mapara managed to study the two-year GCE Advanced-Level course in a period of nine months and scored 15 points. Taida becomes the second whizkid to enrol at university at such a tender age after Maud Chifamba who enrolled at UZ when she was also 14.

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