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Zimbabwe Registrar General Arrested

Zimbabwe Registrar General Arrested

Zimbabwe Registrar General Arrested

Zimbabwe’s Registrar General, Clement Masango has been arrested for allegedly making an irregular purchase of vehicles for the Central Registry.

Development was announced by the ruling ZANU PF party which posted on Twitter saying:

ZACC has arrested Registrar-Gen Clement Masango on allegations of making an irregular purchase of vehicles for Central Registry. Masango was picked by police to assist with investigations and is detained at Mabelreign Police Station.

Masango’s arrest follows a government-commissioned forensic audit and Zacc investigations instituted this week. Already two vehicles have been impounded pending further investigations.

The Herald reports that Masango was arrested for criminal abuse of office and flouting tender procedures in purchase of five service vehicles.

The state-owned publication adds that he is now in police custody pending a court appearance tomorrow (Thusrsday).

Masango joins a long list of prominent people in the country that have been arrested for participating or fuelling underhand dealings.

Some analysts, however, say that the arrests are a waste of time as the accused are “often” released after the state would have failed to present evidence incriminating them.

Zimbabwe is ranked among the countries with the highest levels in the world. According to the 2019 Corruption Perception Index, it sits at number 158 out of the total of 180 countries which is a drop from 157 (2017) and 154 (2016).

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