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Zimbabwe footballers president Desmond Maringwa speaks out on CAF promotion

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Zimbabwe footballers president Desmond Maringwa speaks out on CAF promotion

The former Dynamos skipper was appointed to the CAF Organising Committee for inter-club competitions and Management of Club Licensing System. Footballer Union of Zimbabwe president Desmond “Gazza” Maringwa says his new post at the Confederation of African Football represents a huge step for him.

He will be a committee member for a two-year period, starting this year, until 2024.

“It’s really a great honour to be appointed at continental level and it shows how far we have come in executing our responsibilities in the work of the players,” he said. “I applaud CAF for realising the need to involve the players’ Union representatives in the CAF bodies.

“It’s a huge step for the development of the African game. And, I’m looking forward to working with them.” Maringwa also holds a position at FiFPro, the international organisation which defends the rights of footballers.

He graduated in the first FIFA Diploma in Football Law class in March last year. Maringwa also landed a post in the FIFPro Africa Board in September last year.

The appointment came a few months after he obtained his FIFA Diploma in Football Law in Miami, USA. He was among the first 26 candidates that took part in the classes.

At H-Metro we believe Desmond Maringwa is being groomed to be the ideal president of the troubled ZIFA, at some point in his life. What are your thoughts about it? You can contact us using all our social media forums and we will publish your views in our newspaper and online platforms.

Source – H-Metro

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