Zimbabwe Arsenal Supporters Club once again donated groceries and paid school fees for children at Wings of Grace Orphanage in Mufakose.


The Arsenal fans raised over a thousand dollars through a WhatsApp group started by one Diego Machingura four years ago by fining each other for reposting in the group with 150 members.

“If someone reposts a message, they are fined $3, if it’s a picture the fine goes up to $5 and $8 for a reposted video. We have a committee in place and the money is sent to our treasurer Pasadena Dinha and she immediately acknowledges in the group and states the new balance.

This happens from February to December every year and in December we pick a children’s home to donate the funds to,” said More Moyo, the chairman of the fans club committee.

In 2015 they donated blankets and groceries to a home in Mbare and last year they donated mattresses to Musha Wevana home in Marondera.

Other elected executive members of the committee include Vice Chairman, Lewis Muzhara, Secretary: Brian Gondo and Committee Members Dadirai Katena, Tirivangani Mudukuti, and Newton Matema.

“As Arsenal fans Zimbabwe, we paid school fees for all the children that go to school at Wings of Grace home in Mufakose.

“We got the list of fees that the home faces in the first term of 2018 and through our WhatsApp group, we managed to raise the whole amount plus a little surplus. The surplus we used to buy groceries that we also gave to the home.

“This is all driven by our being brought together by Arsenal and our desire to help the needy. We know we can never end suffering or stop children from being orphaned as only God can do that when His time is right but we can change these children’s day, month or term at school by these small gestures.

“We are about 150 in our WhatsApp group and most of us have never met and we are scattered all over Zimbabwe, Africa and the World.

“What makes us unique is the love we have towards each other, towards Arsenal and towards the needy as showcased by donations over the years,” said Pasadenha, the group’s treasurer.

Wings of Grace has 30 orphans under the care of Gogo Gwanzura and she thanked the Arsenal fans for their gesture.

“I hope God blesses you and your team for your kind actions. You have managed to put a smile on our faces and the Lord will multiply what you have thousand fold. We need people like you as it is not easy to feed and educate these children with the youngest one being one year seven months old and the oldest 18.

“They have different needs and we only have this four roomed house as accommodation,” said Gogo Gwanzura.

She however, stated that she has been given land to build a proper home – 2700 square metres – and the Arsenal Fans asked her to send them a list of her needs towards building a bigger home.

The Arsenal fans have an official Facebook Page titled “Zimbabwer Arsenal Supporters Page” and it has over 500 members.



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