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Zim Promoter mugged in South Africa!

Zim Promoter mugged in South Africa!

South Africa-based music promoter Zvenyika “Sir Alex” Masoka was recently robbed by thugs in Benoni on his way home from work.

Sir Alex, who also works as a transport logistics executive at Malapole Transport, lodged a complaint with the South African Police Service.

Sir Alex said he was robbed of his passport, driver’s licence and cash as he narrated what transpired the day he was mugged.

“Just recently, the second week of this month, my boss called me to the yard in Boksburg to fill in the previous trip sheet and do some work on my truck.

“The mechanic who was also fixing my truck finished late around 7pm and that is the time I also finished and left. “When I was going home, I was attacked by robbers who took my particulars; passport, driver’s licence and some cash,” said Sir Alex.

Sir Alex said it was by the grace of God that he was still alive as he was heavily beaten by the robbers.

Zim Promoter mugged in South Africa!

“The guys who bashed and robbed me almost killed me because when they attacked me there was no mercy at all. “They hit me several times on the head with unidentified objects, and as I fell to the ground they kept on hitting me on the head and kicking me in the stomach and back several times.

“They frisked me and took my belongings,” Sir Alex narrated.