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Zim Music Pays Off, Superstar Jah prayzah Buys Land In posh Borrowdale Suburb

Music is a huge part of the average Zimbabwean’s life with many genres available to choose from. Music is one of the biggest unifiers of people as it fosters interaction of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds.

Many Zimbabwean artists have been labeled laughing stocks because their careers failed to take off as they remain poor or go poorer by the day. This is however a different case when it comes to the likes of Winky D, Freeman and Jah Prayzah who have stood the test of time and made something out their talent.

Winky D is said to be part of a major Trucking company where he holds several shares among other businesses, As for the HKD bos he has several clothing shops in Harare and other major cities.

Recently Jah Prayzah made the headlines after purchasing land in a posh Borrowdale Suburb. Jah Prayzah posted on his social networks saying:

Finally made up my mind and I am settling for this piece of land at Pokugara in Borrowdale. I was spoilt for choice and I will still continue to show you more amazing options from West Prop Zimbabwe, but this is where my wife and I have decided to purchase and build our dream house. I will share with you the steps as development kicks off until we move in.

This has given me so much joy and I hope it inspires someone out there. Continue pushing even when you encounter stumbling blocks. Do not be shy to fall, pick yourself up and continue running.

This will not be my first house but as a boy who grew up in the village only thinking of the best I could be in my home area, I can proudly and thankfully 🙏🏿 say these last remarks:

From UZUMBA to Borrowdale with love.


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