Zimbabwe believe MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa could deliver jobs if elected to office at the end of the month compared to his rival and incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chamisa takes diplomatic offensive to SA, Angola

A survey commissioned by respected Pan-African think-tank Afrobarometer and undertaken by locally-based Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI), shows that this could be the most closely fought election. Despite Chamisa’s disapproval of how the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has handled the pre-election process, public confidence in the poll management body remained high.

Chamisa, who took over the leadership of the MDC-T following the death of former premier, Morgan Tsvangirai, has left no stone unturned, projecting himself as the fresh face of the democratic struggle.

“To Chamisa’s credit, however, his vigorous efforts to introduce himself to the electorate have apparently begun to pay off. Instead, on the core issue in the campaign – job creation – he has established a more favourable public reputation than his chief rival (Mnangagwa).

“Asked about ‘who will do a better job in creating jobs for the people’, respondents said that Chamisa outranks Mnangagwa by 10 percentage points (42% vs 32%). The remainder either ‘didn’t know’ or refused to answer (18% combined) or said ‘neither of them’ (8%). It is, therefore, possible that perceptions of Chamisa as a more capable job creator – correct or not – probably help explain the MDC’s recent gains in party identification,” the survey showed.

Opinions, according to the results of the survey, remained sharply divided along partisan lines, with urban respondents favouring Chamisa while their rural counterparts think Mnangagwa was well-placed to change their fortunes for the better. Respondents, the survey indicated, seemed to also have ignored Chamisa’s so-called “childish antics”.

“At the same time, popular trust in the opposition leader and his party and alliance seemed to be on the rise – from 40% of citizens interviewed in early May to 48% in early July. Nor does he (Chamisa) seem to have been badly hurt by naïve gaffes or over-enthusiastic campaign promises,” Afrobarometer said.

The survey showed that Chamisa has whittled down Mnangagwa’s lead to 3% with a 2% margin of error, adding that it was “impossible to rule out the possibility that Chamisa had taken the lead”.

MPOI executive director Eldred Masunungure, while admitting there was a chance for a run-off, said the election could be decided by the leading parties’ ability to marshal their supporters to the polling booth.

“The winner will be dependent on which of the two leading parties (Zanu PF and MDC Alliance) has shown greater organisational ability. That in my view will be decisive,” Masunungure said.



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