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Zim Artiste Shot On The Face, Robbed In South Africa

Zim Artiste Shot On The Face, Robbed In South Africa

Upcoming South Africa-based singer Innocent Chikuku, better known as Yung The Hustler, last week dodged death by a whisker when he was shot in the face during a hijack in Eldorado Park, near Soweto.

The 26-year-old, who has released a number of rap and house tracks such as Bambelela, was parked at his girlfriend’s house last Thursday night when the near-tragic event happened.

“I was chilling with my girlfriend at their gate and from nowhere I saw two VW Polos. Four guys came out and came straight to my window. One grabbed me by the throat while pointing a pistol to my face.

I started wrestling with him for the gun and he shot at me,” said Chikuku. “They dragged me out of the car and forced my shivering girlfriend out as well.

In a few minutes, I passed out and only woke up in the intensive care unit at a hospital. I was in hospital for four days and I feel much better,” he added.

Zim Artiste Shot On The Face, Robbed In South Africa


The young singer was grateful that the bullet grazed his brow and did not go into his skull. “I am just happy that I am alive because worse things could have happened.

They drove away in my BMW 33oi and it has not been found yet,” he said, adding he had just collected R46 000 in cash from one of his clients.

“Apart from music, I also run a business that makes couches and had just collected cash from one of my clients. I know I will recover the cash as long as I am alive: said Chikuku, who is known for flaunting his possessions.

Chikuku was born in Chiredzi in 1993 and came to South Africa in 2010 at the request of a German couple called the Niedingers who had adopted him.

They never spoilt him and he had to work his way up in places such as car garages and restaurants. He had his financial breakthrough when his adoptive parents moved back to Germany and left him a portion of their riches.

“If this was a hit on me then they missed the target.


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