MODEL and former ZANU PF director of youth affairs Jason Zhuwawo is mourning the death of his 23-year-old baby mama.


Speaking on the death of his baby mama Precious Musipa, Zhuwawo said though they had separated, she still held a special position in his life.

“I am in disbelief, I was not expecting her to die at such a young age.

“Yes we had separated but my relationship with her was personal because we had a child together.

“We were together for three years before we then separated.

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“However, we coexisted well and she placed a big role as the mother of my child which I will not be able to replace.

“Our daughter is four years old and I don’t even know how I will explain to her that she is gone.

“She has been asking where her mother is and up to now I don’t even have an answer to give her,” she said.

Speaking on how Precious died, Zhuwawo blamed her friends who left her to die whilst they had fled the scene.

“She was asthmatic so she had an attack and she was later pronounced dead after she was admitted at the hospital.

“However, I am so disappointed because her friends whom she was with left her to die alone, they fled from the scene.

“She could have been alive today if she had found help in time, it is sad that the people who took her to the hospital were strangers who only manged to do it late,” he said.


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