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Zhakata, Royal Trumpet video out

Leonard Zhakata and Mutare-based gospel outfit Royal Trumpet will yesterday (24/12/2020) launched their video for the song Hanganwa.

The video, which was shot in Nyanga (Troutbeck Resort), Harare and Mutare (Christmas Pass, Dora Rural), will be launched in Mutare.

Royal Trumpet frontman Benjamin Chimoyo said the accompanying video encouraged people to preserve local culture.

“We released the song Hanganwa in September and we then shot a video to complement the audio.

“Basically the song reminds people to be grateful in all spheres of life.

“During this festive season we should not forget our parents who brought us here on earth.

“So this Christmas let’s be grateful to our parents and shower them with gifts,” he said.

He added:

“The song also seeks to thank God for his love, protection and gift of life.

“We should install a software of love and being grateful in our lives.”

Chimoyo also urged all road users to exercise caution during the festive season to avoid accidents.

“As Royal Trumpet we all know it’s Christmas time and many will be travelling to different places to celebrate the holidays.

“My gentle reminder to them is that they should adhere to all road rules so that we avoid loss of lives.

“This year we have been affected by Covid-19 and we still urge people to continue practicing social distancing as well as other safety measures we have been told by health experts to avoid the spreading of the deadly virus.

“We should be responsible in everything we do and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas,” he said.

Chimoyo also hailed Zhakata for his commitment and ready to help.

“We want to thank Zhakata for agreeing to assist us.

“Taking his valuable time to be with Royal Trumpet.

“We are also grateful to all our partners, promoters and fans.

“We continue to ask Zimbabweans to support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel Royal Trumpet Zimbabwe and follow us on other social media platforms.”

The video was shot by Pikicha Africa.

Chimoyo also told the publication that they have registered Royal Trumpet Music as a Trust which deals with capacity development for artists, Society Transformation through arts and Intellectual property management.


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