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ZESA: Load-shedding now on stage 2

Load Shedding Intensifies

ZESA: Load-shedding now on stage 2.

Whilst Stage 1 entails about eight-hour-long power cuts, stage 2 is characterised by about 16 to 17 hours of power absence. ZESA spokesperson, Mr Fullard Gwasira, has claimed that power cuts in the country were now at what the power utility calls “Stage 2”.

Load Shedding Intensifies

Posting on microblogging site, Twitter, Gwasira said: Load-shedding is at Stage 2. The small Stage 1 generators, whilst online, are producing very little and a major Stage 2 unit gone out for repairs. Shedding has increased phenomenally.

These remarks follow promises by the power utility that securing 400 megawatts from South Africa power utility, ESKOM was going to minimise power cuts.

For a few days following the power deal between Zimbabwe and South Africa, electricity was present for longer hours than before ESKOM started exporting the 400MW to Zimbabwe.

After those few days, the nation was back to normal days, without power. Energy minister, Advocate Fortune Chasi attributed the quick return to prolonged load-shedding to malfunctioning at local thermal power stations.

Power cuts have affected the citizens from all walks of life save for a few individuals who reportedly have direct lines who are not on power cuts schedules.

Some companies including OK Zimbabwe and ECONET Wireless have since complained saying that they were now making huge losses due to power cuts.


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