ZESA finally releases 2019 load shedding schedule.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (Zetdc) has finally released the 2019 Load Shedding Programmes a few days after denying a schedule which was circulating on social media. Ironically, this schedule is exactly like the one which was dismissed by Zesa. Part of the schedule reads,

CHEF WANTED : ZESA HoldingsEvery effort is being directed at improving the generation capacity to ensure that supply disruptions are kept at minimum levels. In order to assist in reducing the power demand, customers are encouraged to use the limited available power sparingly, by switching off all non-essential loads. Domestic geysers, swimming pool pumps, Jacuzzis and other related equipment should be switched off at peak times for more areas to have power.

Please be advised that ordinarily, load shedding will be within the morning and evening peak periods of 5 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 10 pm respectively. However, the duration may be longer in the event of increased power shortfall to avoid the collapse of the National Electric Grid.

Pictures of the schedule below:

Harare load shedding

Picture 2

Harare load shedding


Bulawayo load shedding

Manicaland and Masvingo Province

Manicaland load  Shedding

Masvingo load shedding

Morning side load Shedding

Nothern Regon load shedding


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