ZEDTC warns of increased load-shedding.

The power utility recently introduced a load-shedding programme that saw some suburbs across the country going for at least 10 hours without electricity mainly due to reduced generation at Kariba hydropower plant.

Load sheddingThe Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZEDTC) has said load shedding in the country is now on stage 2 following a technical fault at Hwange Thermal Power Station which could result in increased electricity outages outside the originally advertised schedule.

“Kindly note that generation at Hwange is depressed due to a technical fault. Load shedding is now on stage 2,” the ZEDTC said in a notice. “Load shedding maybe above the publicised schedules.” According to the original load shedding schedule, most areas would not receive electricity during the morning and evening peak period of 5am to 10am and 5pm to 10pm.

To remedy the situation, the ZEDTC is exploring various options including resuming power generation at the privately owned Dema Diesel Power Plant which has not been operating for the past 18 months after the ZEDTC stopped purchasing electricity from the plant. The Dema plant has an installed capacity of 100 megawatts. The ZEDTC is also considering increasing power imports mainly from Mozambique.

It is understood that Mozambique has offered to export power to Zimbabwe and Zambia in exchange for further reduced generation at Kariba in order to cut down on water released by the hydropower plants, whose discharge is worsening overflow at Cahora Bassa Dam (pictured below). Negotiations for this plan are ongoing

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