The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) erroneously declared Zanu PF’s Dexter Nduna as winner of Chegutu West constituency instead of MDC Alliance’s Gift Konjana. Konjana disputed the results, saying the figures collated from Zec statistics showed that he was the winner.

Initially Zec provincial officer Austin Ndlovu confirmed that Chegutu district elections officer told him that there was an anomaly in the figures announced and said that he was waiting for a comprehensive report on the issue.

Pressed further if Zec was going to reverse the final results, Ndlovu said it was too early to comment on that but insisted that if it turned out that there was an anomaly, Zec would rectify the mistake.

“Yes the DEO (district election officer) told me that there was an anomaly on the final results in Chegutu West and we are waiting for a comprehensive report to ascertain what really transpired and if there was a genuine mistake, Zec will rectify and announce the correct results,” Ndlovu said.

Ndlovu yesterday said Zec headquarters was handling the issue.

“I will not say anything on the Chegutu West issue since my superiors are seized with the issue,” Ndlovu said.

In a related matter, MDC-T Manicaland provincial chairman David Chimhini who lost in Mutasa North constituency by almost 200 votes to Zanu PF candidate Chido Mwadiwa has also appealed to Zec seeking a recount at eight polling stations.

Chimhini said he had to beat the 48-hour deadline to challenge the result in the constituency.

In a letter to Zec, Chimhini through his lawyer, Passmore Nyakureba, said Mwadiwa did not win the poll. “The reasons for the request (for a recount) being that as the contesting and losing candidate under the banner of MDC Alliance, I am strongly convinced that the votes declared to have been garnered by the winning candidate Chido Mwadiwa do not correspond with the actual votes cast at these polling stations,’’ the letter of request read.

‘’The vote counting process conducted and announced at Chisuko polling stations A and B ward 1 does not agree with the vote cast. I firmly believe that Mwadiwa was awarded 200 votes not due to her on the V11 form as opposed to the actual votes counted.”

Chimhini alleged that Mwadiwa was awarded a total of 800 votes not due to her. Mwadiwa got 11 913 votes against Chimhini’s 11 653 votes.



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