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ZBC should be chrged for attempted murder: Justice Wadyajena

Parliament blasts TIMB execs

Justice Mayor Wadyajena has lambasted ZBC management for allowing minibus driver who tested positive for covid-19 ferry staff to and from work in what he termed ‘attempted murder’ as 30 members tested positive.

In an angry post the Member of Parliament (MP) of the Gokwe-Nembudziya constituency, Wadyajena was not impressed by ZBC’s conduct.

ZBC management must be charged for attempted murder! It’s a cruel & reckless institution run like a shabeen. Tested employees on 29th & released results 10 DAYS later while demanding staff report to work EVEN MINIBUS DRIVERS IT KNEW HAD TESTED POSITIVE! Disgraceful and criminal!

ZBC confirmed that 30 members of staff tested positive and are in a stable condition.

LATEST: The ZBC wishes to advise that 30 members of staff have tested positive for #Covid-19. All 30 are currently isolating at home. The Corporation continues to follow Govt & WHO guidelines with periodic testing, premises disinfection & PPE provision. @nickmangwana, @MoHCCZim


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