‘ZBC only owns 4 vehicles’

‘ZBC only owns 4 vehicles’

The national broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation owns only four vehicles the parliamentary portfolio committee on Media, Information and Publicity was told on Friday.

Appearing before the Committee ZBC Board Chairperson Josiah Tayi said, “We don’t have cars at ZBC. If I’m to be honest chairman, we only have 4 vehicles. Only 4. Allow me to stress further on vehicles. News cannot be gathered by nonmobile vehicles. Something has to be done.”

Concurring with his senior, ZBC Current Affairs Director Gilbert Nyambabvu added that “Our bureau chiefs have no vehicles. This impacts on their work.”

On the welfare of the ZBC employees Tayi said, “Some of our workers have not been eating. So we decided that our workers be provided with lunch but the management pays for their meal.”

Tayi further told the committee that the broadcaster was failing to purchase content because of lack of finances.

“In 2020, it is one of our key objectives to turn ZBC into a viable commercial entity. We also need foreign currency to buy content from other producers. Right now we can’t screen sports because we can’t subscribe.

“Licensing at the moment contributes only 5 percent. That is not the only problem, the non-payment of ZBC operations by government arms is further crippling the public broadcaster operations.”


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