Zapu Presidency sets up Gukurahundi Committee

Zapu Presidency sets up Gukurahundi Committee.

The Zapu Presidency noted that while Zapu was the direct political and physical target of this military operation, it does not hold a total monopoly to fight its evil and painful effects. It, therefore, recognises efforts of the civil society and others who are seeking for genuine justice for the victims. The Presidency of Zimbabwe African People’s Union – Zapu has set up a Committee on the Gukurahundi genocide. This comes after numerous activities and talks about the issue.

zapuZapu notices the heinous intimidatory impact of Gukurahundi countrywide but more so amongst the people of the regions of Matabeleland and the Midlands. It is a ferocious and everlasting denial to democracy and political freedom for the people of Zimbabwe. Any intention to find a solution to it demands absolute sincerity by the Zanu PF regime who were the perpetrators.

The Zapu Presidency is therefore startled by reports from the victims, especially relatives of people whose remains have been exhumed. The deliberate falsehoods about the causes of their death such as ”headaches” can never be tolerated. Zapu states categorically clear that any distortions of the realities of Gukurahundi will not only be exposed but they will be resisted by the people.

The current situation of silence and inaction can be grossly misleading to the perpetrators of the carnage who are under an illusion that the fear they instilled will be forever permanent. Death certificates with genuine causes of death have to be issued. There can be no genuine relief for the victims that is based on lies or self-justifications by the perpetrators.

The Zapu Presidency also notes with dismay the continuous economic myopia that the regime displays. Through its theme of the recent Trade Fair……”Propagating Industrial Growth through Trade & Investment”. On reading this theme one cannot imagine the reality of our industry.

How one tells the international community that there is anything to grow beats all logic. These Zanu PF guys have the highest academic qualifications on paper but schooling becomes worthless if the individuals have chosen to be blinded by extreme arrogance. Nothing can grow where there is a persistent pattern of destruction.

Zimbabweans are experiencing an uncontrollable rising of inflation. Workers are almost working for nothing as their salaries have been severely eroded. Prices rise hourly. Such levels of insincerity are disastrous and they have become dangerous since they are implemented by a military force. The people are living in consistent danger.


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