ZAOGA member in yet another scandal as fist fly in church.

The Newsday reports that Kudakwashe Dhliwayo( 24) of Makatamo villages under Cheif Musah in Chimanimani allegedly beat up his churchmate only identified as Mlambo after he had threatened to assault his sister.


A ZAOGA church congregant reportedly broke the jaw of a church mate after a fist fight broke out whilst they were on their way from an all-night prayer meeting for cyclone Idai survivors.

The publication reports that on April 20, Dhliwayo and his family together with the complainant were part of a group of church members who were coming from a ZAOGA FIF all-night prayer meeting for Cyclone Idai survivors.

When the group reached Nyanyadzi business center, Dhliwayo’s siblings were playing throwing pebbles at each other and one of the stones hit Mlambo, who then confronted Dhliwayo’s younger sister.

She then fleed and sought refuge behind Dhliwayo, advising him that Mlambo wanted to assault her. Dhliwayo is reported to have responded by holding Mlambo by the collar and started assaulting him with fists.

Mlambo fell down, bleeding from the nose and mouth before Dhliwayo left.
The complainant was then scurried to the hospital by some of the members where it was discovered that he had suffered a broken jaw and a swollen face.

A report was then lodged at the police, leading to Dhliwayo’s arrest.

Appearing before magistrate Joshua Nembaware, Dhilwayo was slapped with 24 months imprisonment and six were conditionally suspended. In mitigation, Dhliwayo asked for forgiveness and said he had repented from his actions. Dhliwayo told the court that he was only trying to chastise the complainant for his behavior.

” I just made a mistake. I committed the offense unknowingly. I was trying to discipline the complainant and he then he raised his voice. We are church mates,” Dhliwayo said. A medical report which revealed that Mlambo suffered serious injuries which could cause permanent disability was compiled and produced in court.

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