Zanu Pf’s G40 “Resurrects” As Youths Demand Their Space In The Youth League


Zanu Pf’s G40 “Resurrects” As Youths Demand Their Space In The Youth League

Zanu Pf’s Generation 40 (G40) has been resuscitated by a new crop of party stalwarts amid indications that youths are demanding their space in the Youth League.

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In a tweet posted Thursday on its official page @zanupf-patriots, the youths notified those above 40 years that their time at the helm of the Youth League was up.

Said the youths:

To cdes above 40 years who still want to be in the youth league.

Our party membership starts at 16 years so if you are more than 40 years and still want to remain in the youth league it means you are not progressive, Sure you want to spend more than 24 years running with the youths. No.

The tweet follows revelations by Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi that he is ready to become Politburo Secretary for Youth if President Emmerson Mnangagwa appoints him to that position.

“I am ready to serve as the ZANU PF Secretary for the Youth League if President ED Mnangagwa chooses me,” said Mutodi.

“I am committed to the establishment of an informed, vibrant, vigilant and empowered youth league for the good of our party ZANU PF and for the greater good of Zimbabwe.”

Last week, the ZANU PF Youth league passed a vote of no confidence on its 51 year old Secretary for Youth Pupurai Togarepi and four other members of the Youth League.

The five were accused of treachery and failing to defend President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the party and also diverting party funds.

In a media briefing at the ZANU PF headquarters in Harare yesterday, ZANU PF youth league national political commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu, said the vote of no-confidence was moved and supported by two-thirds majority of the national youth league executive council.

“Cde Togarepi and Cde Matutu converted and diverted resources meant for the youth league for personal use or for use without the resolution of the youth league national executive council,” Tsenengamu said.



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