Zanu PF Youths Attack Chief Ndiweni


Zanu PF Youths Attack Chief Ndiweni.

The chief has come under fire by the Mnangagwa regime for not conforming to Zanu-PF orders like other chiefs in the country. There was drama today Wednesday afternoon in the Bulawayo city centre when a mob of Zanu-PF youths attacked Chief Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna and tried to take away government allocated vehicle.

Chief Ndiweni

Last week he publicly called for more sanctions on Zanu-PF leaders whom he said were destroying the country and the future of youths. A group of slogan-chanting youths surrounded Chief Ndiweni’s vehicle and demanded that he should surrender it to them.

They claimed they had been sent by senior Zanu-PF officials to retrieve the government issued vehicle. It is standard procedure that chiefs in the country get vehicles from the government and it is believed the cars are bribes to make the traditional leaders whip their subjects into line so they vote for the ruling party in elections.

Chief Ndiweni outsmarted the youths when he asked to collect personal stuff from the car.

“Suddenly, he grabbed a jerry can that was in the car and poured petrol on the vehicle. He said he would set it alight if the youths came near it. The youths retreated and he drove off at high speed. We heard the youths later called the police who took the chief to Bulawayo Central Police Station. It’s not clear if the chief has been arrested,” said a witness who was part of a crowd that cheered Chief Ndiweni’s actions.

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