Zanu PF Women’s League Demand Chiyangwa’s Arrest

ZANU PF’S women league is baying for the arrest of businessman and senior party official Phillip Chiyangwa for corruptly acquiring land in Harare South.


Presenting a report to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the league’s Harare provincial chairperson Ratidzo Mukarati said Chiyangwa has brought untold suffering to party supports in the Harare South constituency.

“In Harare South the issue of residential stands is a big issue because of Chiyangwa who claims to be one of us,” said Mukarati.

“Zanu PF political heavyweights like Chiyangwa, Mr President are abusing party supporters after he corruptly bought land which once belonged to the State.

“He (Chiyangawa) is now demanding more money from party supporters who have already bought those housing stands as cooperatives and those who can’t afford are being chased away with their houses and properties being destroyed.”

Responding to the reports, Mnangagwa said he has commissioned a land inquiry, adding that once the report is out those found on the wrong side of the law will be prosecuted.