Zanu PF has refused to disclose the source of millions of dollars oiling its campaign machinery ahead of crucial elections later this year after former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo exposed the ruling party’s abuse of State resources to fund its participation in previous polls. ZANU PF SPLASHES ON REGALIA, VEHICLES

Moyo, who fled Zimbabwe in November last year when the military moved to topple former president Robert Mugabe, revealed that in previous elections, Zanu PF spent a staggering $70 million buying campaign regalia from China and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The former Zanu PF strategist claimed the money was diverted from diamond revenues and warned similar manoeuvres were already being made to bankroll President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s campaign.

This was after Zanu PF commissar retired Lieutenant-General Engelbert Rugeje revealed that the ruling party had bought 15 million T-shirts, 15 million caps and two million body wrappers for women.

Moyo claimed Mnanagwa used the trip to China to get campaign materials and State funds were abused. According to Zanu PF’s own records, the party is insolvent. Last year, Zanu PF had a $19 million debt and membership card sales, its key revenue source, were down by a 75%.

The ruling party had a $1,2 million outstanding telephone bill and its companies were insolvent.

Zanu PF secretary for finance Patrick Chinamasa dismissed Moyo’s claims that the party was diverting money from State coffers to bankroll its campaign, but refused to disclose the source of the millions of dollars used to buy the regalia.

“That [Moyo’s claim] is obviously a lie. It’s false anyway,” he said. “That [source of funds] is confidential, but obviously we are on a fund-raising mission to raise the money to fund our elections.

“That we always do, but I am not in a position to give details of that.”

Obert Mpofu, the Zanu PF secretary for administration, also brushed aside Moyo’s allegations, but said he did not know where the money for the previous election campaign came from.

“It’s an allegation [$70 million diverted from sale of diamonds to fund the 2013 campaign] that will remain an allegation,” he said.

“I am not aware of that and the party has always mobilised its resources for its programmes.  “I have been secretary for finance of the party although by that time I wasn’t.

“I have no record whatsoever to confirm what he is saying.

“He was a member of the politburo, but I don’t think he was privy to the operations of the finance department.



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