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Zanu-PF rallies behind under pressure Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa’s Workers’ Day speech

The ruling party will continue to support the visionary leadership and policies of President Mnangagwa despite acts of sabotage and hostility from the opposition and some faith-based organizations.

In a statement, ZANU-PF Harare Province chairperson Oliver Chidau said the province remains vigilant and will not permit any hostile elements both within and outside the party to cause disunity and fan divisions in the country.

“ZANU-PF Harare Province notes with concern the co-ordinated attacks on his Excellency the President of Zimbabwe and the First Secretary of ZANU-PF, E.D Mnangagwa,” read part of the statement.

“The President, party and Government continue to face coordinated attacks from various opposition groups, civil society groups and some faith-based organizations working with internal rebels amongst other hostile groups.

“We would like to reaffirm our province’s support for his Excellency Mnangagwa’s visionary leadership and policies in the face of vile machinations, acts of sabotage, and attempts to destabilize the nation.

“ZANU-PF Harare province also reiterates President Mnangagwa’s message that the Church and ZANU-PF remain inseparable but continues to call for fair, objective and constructive criticism of the Party and Government.

“We would like to express our continued desire for a symbiotic relationship between the Church and the party for the betterment of Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabweans, Chidau added, need to rally behind President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 as it was instrumental in the country’s economic growth.

The party also noted the rampant cases of corruption happening in Government institutions and local councils.

“The Province would also like to applaud the President for his tough stance on corruption, which has seen the dismissal and prosecution of several Cabinet Ministers and senior party officials involved in corrupt activities.

“The arrest of several officials and councilors in the MDC Alliance led Harare City Council is again testament to the President’s commitment to fighting corruption.”

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