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Update: MP wins broken v!ginity case, sues complainant for $30 000

Tafanana Zhou

Zanu PF MP wins broken v!ginity case, sues complainant for $30 000.

The Chronicle reports that Zhou who is fighting back claims that the woman in question, Henrietta Tafadzwa Chauke (35), is a serial litigant who is out to humiliate him. He also questioned her credibility claiming that she previously filed seduction charges against another man claiming that he had broken he virg!nity in 2014 and as such has no leg to stand on.

Tafanana ZhouThe case in which a woman is suing a member of Parliament for Mberengwa North, Tafanana Zhou (Zanu-PF) for breaching his promise to marry her after breaking her virg!nity has taken a new twist after the MP claimed that the woman was not virg!n at all as she had done this to another man.

Part of Zhou’s response reads. The respondent is not personally known to me and I have never met her and what I know is that I received WhatsApp messages from a person who alleged to be the respondent making s.e.xual advances towards me. The person went as far as introducing herself to me by sending me her pictures and I did not respond.

I submit that the respondent cannot prove at all that she is known to me and that I had s.e.xual intercourse with her.

Most importantly, she alleges at the time she had s.e.xual intercourse with me she was a vir_gin and this cannot be true. I am advised by my legal practitioner that on November 12, 2014, at Zvishavane magistrate court and under case number 999/14, the respondent instituted a claim of seduction against one Simon Magidivana of Zvishavane. In her particulars of claim, the respondent alleged that she fell in love with Magidivana between August and October in 2014 during which she was a vir_gin and they had se_x.

… I aver that there are no issues in this matter as it is clear that as per respondent’s allegations she lost her vir_ginity sometime in 2014. The claim by the respondent is not made with a bona fide intention of seeking justice.

The case is still pending.


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