ZANU PF MP Nearly Gives Away Car To 18 Year Old Conman


ZANU PF MP Nearly Gives Away Car To 18-Year-Old Conman

A HARARE teenager was arrested yesterday while trying to steal ZANU-PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu’s car using Senator Josiah Hungwe’s name.


The 18-year-old – Kingsolom Mlambo – communicated to the unsuspecting Chivi East MP Zivhu while pretending to be Sen Hungwe’s son, Vincent.

The teenager was nabbed by officers from CID Vehicle Theft Squad at Montague Shopping Centre after being driven from a city hotel the initial meeting point where the car was supposed to be surrendered.

Deputy Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest.

“Yes we confirm the arrest of a suspected teenager who wanted to use the name of Senator Hungwe to steal a car.

“More details will be revealed as investigations are underway.”
Police believe there were more people involved in the deal.

Acting on a tip off the detectives tracked the vehicle, a Volvo SUV driven by Zivhu’s driver to the hotel where the suspect was waiting.

The teenager was picked and led to Montague where the driver said he wanted to drop off.

Upon being confronted the visibly shaken Kingsolom said: “I am sorry, I just wanted to use the vehicle for an outing with friends and I wanted to be showing off to them that I have a nice car,” he said pleading with the detectives.

He was however taken to Southerton Police Station for further investigations.

Zivhu said he was saved by an inquiry he made before releasing the car.

“I nearly gave away my car. It was after I made an inquiry into what type of car was required when I realised that they were thieves who wanted to steal my car.

“I then engaged police to ensure that the culprit gets arrested,” said Zivhu.

Below are some of the messages sent to Zivhu by Kingsolom:
13:13, 2/3/2019h2019: Hy killer its Vincent hungwe

13:13, 2/3/2019: Im short on money to start a borehole drilling project i just need financial assistance and i will cover you once i get my money..its like a personal loan..i have bought some of the equipmemt..i need to finidh up on monday
13:13, 2/3/2019: Ok brother thank you…wanted to fund a water drilling project of a borehole
13:13, 2/3/2019: Im really sorry…but mudhara jd (Josiah Dunhira) said i can talk to you regarding this case if you are capable of helping me

13:13, 2/3/2019: No i want help for something besides that if you are capable…my wife*s mother is really sick in mutoko now and am at beitbridge…sent cars to service…my wife now doesnt hv a car yekunovatora at mutoko..of only u are capable of helping her with a car to go and take her mother…please brother….
13:13, 2/3/2019: If I sent my driver is it oky
13:13, 2/3/2019: She wants to go with her brother and sisters ..i dont know if you can make the driver drop off the car on town and she will pick it up i would really appreciate it….thank you….
13:13, 2/3/2019: She just want something small…automatic most probably…she is not fluent in manual cars……..anything automatic if you have it we would appreciate
13:13, 2/3/2019: It will be ok if its automatic but there is no problem with the manual but automatic was easier for her….any way you can will be truly appreciated

13:13, 2/3/2019: Ok brother thank you..they would want to depart around 1 pm feel free to organise..cheers
13:13, 2/3/2019: Anywhrre in town will do she will meet with my son….or my wife there ..or drop it in town and will send someone there
13:13, 2/3/2019: Can she come pa… Hotel….will have someone waiting to pick the car there…just close to the entrance therr as soon as she confirms will have someone to go there…
13:13, 2/3/2019: What kind of a car are you sending inorder for the person am sending yo spot it

[13:14, 2/3/2019]: What kinf of a car is it and what tome should she go there…they can talk vega vari 2 on app or use texts…….tell your wife to talk to my wife
[13:14, 2/3/2019]: Imota ipi which you are sending for easy identification..can yo wife bring it by 11 am at … hotel.



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