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Zanu PF Loyalists Take Over Distribution Of Maize Seed

Costs Of Farming Inputs Skyrocket Ahead Of Farming Season

Kariba residents furiously expressed their sentiments over maize seed which they claim was being distributed on a partisan basis since Monday.

Costs Of Farming Inputs Skyrocket Ahead Of Farming Season

Abundance of people were heard complaining that they were being discriminated politically on seed distribution which they say ZANU PF supporters were the sole beneficiaries of the project.

On Monday soon after distribution, a pseudo named figure, Pengere, posted on a WhatsApp platform that he witnessed Mr Samu Mawawo and his crew distributing seed using ZANU PF structures. Pengere went further saying ZANU PF leadership was walking around ward 3 where Farai Mageva of MDC is the councillor, with registers under their armpits visiting their party members’ houses.

In another note, a woman who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed that ZANU PF leaders were engaging in whirlwind tours charging the already poor people $3s prior to receipt of maize claiming that these were for transport to ferry the seed.

“Vana Mugumbate, Musokota naSichaya varikufamba vachinyora vanhu vachivabhadharisa ma$3 vachiti ndeetransport ekutakurisa mbeu yacho,” she exposed.

Many elderly people in ward 5 and 6 have not managed to get in touch with logic and the rationale connecting this seed distribution to those distributing it! What raises many’s eyebrows is that distributors are those who lost the July 2018 elections!

However, Kariba constituency Member of Parliament Hon. John Houghton challenged the practise saying that distribution of food aid and farming inputs on a partisan basis was in violation of the constitution of Zimbabwe and the humanitarian charter!

The MP, this afternoon, went further articulating on social media that benefiting from the government was everyone’s right! And it is therefore, a criminal offence to bar a citizen to access such benefits.

The MP requested to be furnished with names attached to such politically discriminatory activities so that the matter could be investigated and any alleged culprits be brought to justice.

Supplementary to the above, His worship, Mayor George Masendu also spoke on the matter saying he had called the Agritex officer regarding the issue of partisan distribution of maize seed but was directed to the District Administrator. The mayor then turned to call the DA, who promised to call back. Last Monday, the DA was notified that the seeds were being distributed in wards but took no response.
According to the Mayor, the DA was just buying time by putting him on hold since when he called him again as a follow up he went mute.

Mr Masendu also confirms that a ward meeting was held in his ward 4 where Mr Dickson Magombedze, a ZRA worker and a ZANU PF leader was seen chairing without the councillor’s knowledge. The meeting resolved that neither an MDC member nor supporter was ever to get the maize seed.

In response to the MP’s concerns on the maize seed issue, Mr Mawawo, being a residents association chair lamented over how the MP was more concerned with maize seed in a town where residents were going for dozens of days without water. He even insulted the MP calling him bad names but the Hon. member did not throw back a word. Instead, just went on leave!



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