Home LOCAL NEWS ‘ZANU PF-led Govt Has Gone Rouge And Cancerous’

‘ZANU PF-led Govt Has Gone Rouge And Cancerous’

‘ZANU PF-led Govt Has Gone Rouge And Cancerous’

Shingi Munyeza, a church pastor and member of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) has characterised the ZANU PF-led government as a rogue and cancerous regime failing to “protect and prosper its citizens”.

Munyeza made the remarks during an online sermon on Sunday. He asserted that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is a pariah which is on the path to self-destruction. Said Munyeza:

We have a crisis. The system has gone rogue and cancerous. They can’t provide, protect or prosper citizens. They are like cancerous cells which will destroy the body.

Without submission, anything then becomes rogue and that is how cancer cells grow. They don’t submit to anything, then they grow.

When you have a leadership that does not submit to anything, it is rogue, it becomes a pariah and a law unto itself and self-destructive ultimately.

All rogue nations that do not submit to a Godly order of preservation of dignity and respect for human life always implode or explode.

Munyeza argued that holding elections “religious” as the country has been doing, is not the panacea to the crisis as it is akin to taking painkillers to cure cancer. He added:

Our problems in Zimbabwe are not because we don’t have elections to choose leaders. Our problem is actually thinking that the elections are the ones that must sort out our problems.

Zimbabwe has religiously held its elections (but) our problems have gone worse. Our problem is not the democratic act or activity of elections.

Our problem lies in the art or principle of submission.