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ZANU PF Fingers Secret Insiders For Bulawayo Assassination Bomb Attack


ZANU PF Fingers Secret Insiders For Bulawayo Assassination Bomb Attack

Following a highly controversial survey which claims that ZANU PF bombed itself on Saturday, top Mnangagwa aides have blamed the attack on their own comrades.


Yesterday a large host of both named and unknown sources (those requesting anonymity) said they blame insiders for carrying out the White City stadium attack.

While a senior source said “the attack was clearly carried out by an expert in ammunition and ballistic technology,” another said, ” the timing and how it was all done shows this was someone very close.”

Mnangagwa himself told the BBC, “I don’t know whether it was one individual – I would think it is broader than one person. I would think this is a political action by some aggrieved persons… On what basis would I trust someone (Grace) who was used by a cabal to say things that had no basis.”

Youth League Secretary Pupurai Togarepi said his own list of suspects was endless.

Said Togarepi: “As any other Zimbabwean would think, maybe it could be those elements who used to enjoy those things they can’t enjoy now because we have a straightforward president so they may be tempted to killing. To kill the people of Zimbabwe to create that instability. So there are people out there and what could motivate them? So anyone I can tell you the list of might suspects (sic – suspicions) is so long because …. (sic.) But I am hurt to tell you the truth, that we have a man who is preaching peace, who is preaching development, who wants to see Zimbabweans united, and there are people out there who would want him dead; you don’t understand; you know it’s painful. But then this is not for Zanu PF. This is for all political parties, all religious groupings. This is something that is attacking the culture that we have known for a long time in Zimbabwe of peace. We have characters who would want to create instability in this country and we as Zimbabweans, not only the security services sector, but all Zimbabweans must stand up and say we don’t want this, this is foreign, and can’t be part of our lives, we can’t live in fear, in a country that is as free as Zimbabwe; because there is somebody with selfish ends; that we should stop and it can only be stopped by Zimbabweans, no one else. Thank you.”

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