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Mnangagwa To Launch Zanu PF Electronic Membership


Zanu PF will reportedly launch an electronic membership card in Kwekwe tomorrow.

This was revealed by the ruling party in a statement that stated that they are planning on issuing 250 000 cards in the Midlands Province during the project’s initial phase.

The electronic card, which was initially linked to People’s Own Savings Company (POSB) and was supposed to be used for electronic payments, was supposed to be launched but the party decided to launch an alternative card that is not linked to any bank just to have a database of their membership.

This was revealed by Zanu-PF National Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Patrick Chinamasa who said:

President Mnangagwa will on Monday (tomorrow) launch the Zanu-PF electronic membership card in Kwekwe.

This is a pilot project in which we intend to see the efficacy of the new membership registration exercise. The card will be issued at cell level which is the lowest structure of the party.

Once successful, the programme will then be rolled out to other provinces

Initially we had an electronic card which could be used as a swipe card for plastic payments. We realised that it was complicating things.

At this time there are no banks involved. These are just membership cards that contain a party member’s personal details including a mugshot. We have made a lot of improvements to the new membership card.

Initially we wanted to issue 250 000 membership cards before rolling it out to other provinces

The membership electronic card will have an electronic chip, a members’ details including their picture.

Meanwhile, public events are still banned by the government but the President will take the time to conduct party business in his province.