ZANU PF Dismisses Chamisa’s Transitional Authority Suggestion

Government has dismissed MDC President Nelson Chamisa’s call for a National Transitional Authority to take the country forward, saying legitimacy issues were resolved on the 30th of July 2018 by the electorate.

Rejecting poll results a threat to democracy

Briefing the media at his party headquarters yesterday, Chamisa said the country can only move forward if all key stakeholders speak with one voice under a national transitional authority.

Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi described Chamisa’s bid as ‘malicious, wrong and unacceptable.’

“If he wants to meet the President, ED Mnangagwa is his President, is the President of all Zimbabweans, is free to approach the office of the President through the protocol and the President will grant him his ear.

“But for him to come to the President and say we want a transitional authority, there is no legitimacy on the government is wrong and that is malicious and unacceptable. Issues to do with legitimacy of government have been resolved by the election,” Mutodi said.

He reiterated that the country was not going to see an alternative administration with the closest possibility mooted by war veterans and the late Morgan Tsvangirai during the last days of former President Robert Mugabe suffered a still birth.

“There is no transitional authority that is coming save for the Transitional Stabilisation Program that the government introduced for the current period until 2020. The transitional government that has been proposed by the war veterans during former President Robert Mugabe’s rule is now irrelevant.

“We are a new government with a five year term which we were given by the people of Zimbabwe. And it is this new government led by his excellence President ED Mnangagwa that has now introduced what we call TSP with the aim to stabilise the economy.

“There is no transitional government that is coming because there is a government in place which is fulfilling its mandate,” Mutodi said.


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