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ZANU PF created Khupe’s MDC-T to destroy genuine opposition in Zim

Chamisa’s $7.5m Paid To Thokozani Khupe

Kent University law lecturer Alex Magaisa believes that the recall of 21 MDC Alliance councillors in Harare by the MDC-T is revenge for the loss of the mayoral election and is also designed make the council dysfunctional and allow ZANU PF to appoint a commission to run the city.

The MDC-T under Thokozani Khupe’s interim leadership was designed by the ruling ZANU PF party to destroy opposition politics in Zimbabwe and consequently create a one-party system in one form or another, a legal and political commentator has said. Said Magaisa:

For those who doubted the prognosis that the judicially-reconstructed MDC-T led by Khupe is a ZANU PF project purposefully designed to decimate the opposition in Zimbabwe. Having lost the mayoral race, they decided to make council dysfunctional so ZANU can appoint a Commission.

Students of politics and governance have a case study of how a ruling party co-opted a few enablers and hiding under a facade of legality, systematically grabbed political space occupied by the main opposition and in the process tried to form a de facto one-party system.

ZANU PF wants to control Harare and other urban areas. They created a group of marionettes, gave them power and set about the destruction job. Never mind the Constitution which requires local authorities to be governed by elected councils, we might as well wave goodbye to it.

What can be done? Their eyes are also on these streets. So please do not expect specifics on this platform. Whatever is said here is because it is meant to be known by them and all. And not everything is meant to be known. But do fire away.

The MDC-T has recalled several councillors in Harare, Gwanda, Bulawayo and Beitbridge. Among the councillors sent to the guillotine include the mayor of Harare and his deputy, Herbert Gomba and Enoch Mupamawonde respectively, Gwanda mayor Jastone Mazhale, and Beitbridge mayor Morgan Ncube.

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