Zanu PF accuses Chamisa of hiring Susan Mutami to smear Mnangagwa

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Keith T Mambo
Keith T Mambo
Keith T. Mambo is currently a reporter for ZiMetro News . He focuses on identity politics for The Southern Eye. He was previously a fellow at the UCT University of Cape Town for Political Science.

Zanu PF accuses Chamisa of hiring Susan Mutami to smear Mnangagwa

HARARE – Zanu PF has accused Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa of ‘hiring a hooker’ to smear President Mnangagwa, as the ruling party’s leader came under a six-hour profanity-laden attack from the Australia-based mercurial socialite, Susan Mutami.

In a rambling Twitter broadcast that attracted a live audience of 12,000 on Friday, Mutami delivered a barrage of salacious accusations against Mnangagwa in lurid detail, claiming he raped her when she was a minor.

She alleged to have been intimate with him from the age of 15, and included a lurid description of his privates which she claimed to have seen. Mutami accuses Mnangagwa of a string of abuses over many years, stretching from 2004.

“His inner thighs are yellow, he’s a yellow bone down there,” Mutami claimed, describing Mnangagwa’s thighs.

CCC Binga North MP Dubeko Sibanda, who has recently been caught up in a vicious intra-party twar with the party’s hardline online activists, quickly leapt onto the allegations, tweeting a demand for Mnangagwa to respond.

“These allegations are too serious and so detailed to be ignored. ED (Mnangagwa) has to respond to them,” Sibanda charged.

Messages of support for Mutami poured in from CCC party faithful, one of which was retweeted by embattled spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere.

“To women who have experienced abuse of whatever nature. It doesn’t matter that you decide to tell your story after 20 years! Your story is still valid! Tell it, speak loudly. Your story is valid. You are valid!” the message of encouragement read.

Zanu PF responded furiously Friday evening, dismissing Mutami’s ‘Tell All’ as a hatchet job orchestrated by Chamisa to draw political heat away from the scandal surrounding Mahere, who stands accused of an adulterous affair that destroyed a matrimonial home.

The ruling party’s bellicose director of information and publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, yesterday insinuated that Chamisa had also been romantically involved with Mahere, charging angrily:

“You have no structures, you don’t even have confidence in your shadowless cabinet and what do you do, you hire a trans-regional self-confessed hooker, Susan Mutami, to do public relations for you, to divert attention from sexual allegations (against you) and Fadzayi Mahere and the hooker? Uri doto (sic) mfana!”

Mugwadi accompanied the accusatory tweet with a picture of Mutami and Chamisa posing at an airport (image above).

Zanu PF would have good reason to be agitated.

Mutami’s digital tell tales – told in a lewd but girl-next-door style – captured public attention as she dished out a triangle of over 60 names in her gripping account.

Even the mainstream media was locked in, as Mutami weaved from business and philanthropy, to the phallus sizes of the who’s who of Zimbabwean politics, and pornographic portrayals of her receiving oral sex from Mliswa.

The editor of the online tabloid ZimLive, Mduduzi Mathuthu, ran a live commentary of the broadcast, at one time delightfully observing: “Susan has you eating out of the palm of her hand”.

Mutami’s broadcast was still trending on Zimbabwe and South Africa Twitter early Saturday morning.

Among several high profile personalities, Traverze Travel proprietor Zodwa Mkandla also came in for collateral damage. Mutami accused her of working with the CIO on a honeypot plot that booked Morgan Tsvangirai on the same flight as the sexy Elizabeth Macheka, who would become his wife, before allegedly poisoning him slowly to death.

Mutami also repeated her oft-made claim that she has a son with the late foreign minister and ex-army general Sibusiso Moyo, famed for announcing the 2017 coup on ZBC.

The controversial socialite came into public focus last year after claiming she had been impregnated with twins by the garrulous Norton MP Temba ‘Bhuru’ Mliswa, triggering a still-raging public spat between the two.

In Twitterspace yesterday, Mutami claimed to have lost one of the twins under unclear circumstances.

She also said, as she appeared to sob, that she started sleeping with Mliswa while she was on her menstrual period, and accused him of blocking her phone number to evade paying maintenance.

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