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ZACC threatens to arrests Health ministry officials

ZACC warns tax evaders

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has called on the Health Ministry’s officials to put in place accountability systems in order to avoid theft of Coronavirus donations.

Speaking Tuesday, ZACC chairperson, Loice Matanda Moyo hinted that some criminals in the Health Ministry have in the past taken advantage of a crisis situation to undermine the government’s efforts.

“The Commission, therefore, implores the responsible individuals in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, from the Accounting Officer, those in charge of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to put in place systems that ensure transparency, accountability and fair distribution of all the said donations,” she said.

Matanda- Moyo said the Health Ministry has received donations of money, medical equipment and medication from individuals, the Business Community, Non-Governmental Organisations, International Organisations and the Donor Community on behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe.

She said in the past, there have been incidences of failure by the relevant authorities to account for donations of similar calamities and promised to deal with such fraudsters accordingly.

Members of the public were urged to report cases of corruption in the management and distribution of the COVID-19 donations on the following:

[email protected],
[email protected],
info @zacc.co.zw,

twitter @ZACConline and
Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Facebook page.

The Commission pledged to assist the Health Ministry in setting up measures to contain corruption.

Government has since put in place measures support the public health systems, safe guard the economy and ensure public order and safety in the wake of Covid19 crisis.

These include among others, implementation of the World Health Organisation (WHO) measures for the prevention of the spread of COVID -19, prohibition of hoarding of medical supplies, closure of airports and borders, travel restrictions and a national lock down.

However despite issuing serious threats in the past ZACC is largely viewed as a toothless dog since it has failed to drastically deal with rampant corruption cases in Zimbabwe.

Most of the cases that have made headlines are largely drawn from political factionalism and have not resulted in deterrent imprisonment.


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